Tannery Artists Campus Interior

Our Core Community

The Lofts provide 100 units of affordable living space for artists; individuals and families. The community is committed to attracting creative individuals and families from diverse artistic and cultural backgrounds. The Lofts are especially interested in individuals who are committed to building community and will give some of their time and energy toward this goal.

Tannery Artists Campus Play Area

Amenities and Affordable Housing

The residential units have large, flexible floor plans, high ceilings, large windows and durable surfaces to accommodate a variety of creative disciplines. The residential lofts are constructed over the parking garage and serve individuals and families earning less than 30%, 40% or 50% of area median income (AMI). Rents are based on income level, size of family and apartment size; i.e. studio, one, two and three bedroom.

Tannery Artists Campus Hallway

Encouraging the Arts To Thrive

The Lofts give preferences to Santa Cruz County residents/artists. The head of household will need to complete an art interview. Out of area artists receive the second preference; followed by non-artists both local and out-of-area. Due to the high presence of artists in Santa Cruz County, the Lofts had not housed any non-artists.