Tannery Artist Lofts Resident Selection Criteria and Process

When openings do occur the following Resident Selection Criteria must be followed very carefully for all Tannery Artist Lofts applicants. Fair Housing Laws require Management to use the same criteria for determining eligibility for all applicants. There are no exceptions. Tannery Artist Lofts is a 100% Tax Credit property and must follow Section 42 of the IRS Code, along with all Calif. Tax Credit Allocation Committee rules.

The Tannery Artist Lofts provides 100 units of affordable housing with a tenant selection preference given to Santa Cruz County households who participate in, and are committed to, the creative arts.

View the full Tenant Selection Criteria document.


Annual gross income cannot exceed the Area Median Income (AMI) for Santa Cruz County per the chart below. The AMI income limits are updated and published yearly by the California Tax Credit Allocation Committee (CTCAC). Management is required to obtain third party income verification on all sources of income. Income calculations are based upon the applicant’s expected annual gross income. For purposes of determining income eligibility, the income of personal care attendants will not be counted as household income but they will be included for the purpose of determining unit size.

2021 Maximum Income Limits (Subject to Change With Published Allowable Limits)

Percentage of Area Median Income 1 Person 2 Person 3 Person 4 Person 5 Person 6 Person 7 Person
30% $29,190 $33,360 $37,530 $41,700 $45,060 $48,390 $51,720
40% $38,920 $44,480 $50,040 $55,600 $60,080 $64,520 $68,960
50% $48,650 $55,600 $62,550 $69,500 $75,100 $80,650 $86,200


All adult family members must provide a copy of their Social Security card. A second document or identification such as Drivers License, and/or a valid government issued Passport, or picture ID, etc. is required for all adult members of the household. Copies of Birth Certificates are required for all minors.

Household Size

Prospective Residents must accept an apartment based on their household size at move-in per the household size chart below. Pets are allowed per the Tannery Artist Lofts Pet Policy.

Studio 1-2 Persons
1 Bedroom 1-3 Persons
2 Bedrooms 2-5 Persons
3 Bedrooms 4-7 Persons